06 March 2013


I dont have a statement for my latest works. I am following up on a show I had a couple of years ago called Privacy and Publicity. That was my first show of nudes since college. I love working on figures. exploring deeper into myself through the body. its a challenging set of pieces. but I keep going there. keep trying to figure out my relationship with this exploration.

images from privacy and publicity


In November I had a show at the Lost Dog in Durango. It was a show of old barns--paintings I have been working on for years and weeks. These are tiny works on paper and large canvas pieces. A total of 30 works in the show. 
Here is my show statement and a few pieces:

people talk of coming home and all I can think about is going home

i am standing in a jungle of kudzu- wet with morning dew- breathing in the first light as mosquitoes try to tell their stories loud in my ear

its only dawn and sweat starts to form on my arms. or  condensation from the air- heavy with moisture- pooling as it meets my cool skin

fields resurrected out of marshland, every square inch used or taken over by beautiful suffocating vines and swamp. the path to the old house is a faint line carved out of the cotton rows

picking our way along narrow twisting roads through forests so overgrown you cant see a way to travel through the brambles

a truck coming from the fields throwing fresh tobacco leaves like confetti as it plods down the highway

lost in hollows and valleys- deep and dark- where the rolling hills and massive ancient oaks block the heat of the sun and sweaty skin gets chilled

buildings that feel like they are mine, but they never were

piles of splintered grey wood around vacant doorways and windows warped from burdening roofs

structures built for a need that has since become obsolete. function is now a shadow or a glimmer of a once glorious past

sipping tea that is more sugar than water and feeling the fullness of family on a porch- screened against the onslaught of evening bugs. the cool breeze of evening accelerated by fans overhead

laughing loudly, to be heard over the crickets’ clamorous song

before her time

after the flood


sweet cream


bard owl

sunday meetings

dusty and slightly sweet


open slats

headed home

kudzu and cotton

front door


Artist Statement/Bio

I was born in an old rickety yellow house on a honey
bee and blueberry farm in Arkansas. I spent the sticky
hot summers of my childhood- pant legs rolled up-
wading through creeks chasing tad poles and
crawdads. While studying architecture & art abroad,
I had the same excitement and abandon wandering
the streets of Florence- finding flower filled courtyards
hidden behind enormous weathered wooden doors.

I once read that every time you remember something
you are not actually recalling the event but instead
you are remembering the memory. My recent works
are an exploration of the way memory changes with
each layer of recollection. Some things become
clearer while others soften and blur. I continue to
question and study the intimacy we attach to objects,
spaces, and scenes... a feeling of home, and what
that becomes as memory tints reality.

My subjects are reflections of daily life: the hue of
winter berries, the curiosity of a broken building,
a weathered bike with no rider. My work defines the
qualities of spaces, both interior and exterior, that are
often overlooked, but that form the intimacy we have
with our environments. These works explore colors and
spaces, both real and imagined, which influence
memory: memories of September in Canova,
forgotten bicycles in the yard, the sheen of a harvest
apple. They are at first personal and private, but are
only truly revealed in the individual histories brought
to them.

27 May 2010

"bicycle-- a one night show"

gathering flowers 40x30
almost over 40x30
time to take a break 36x36
spring fever 36x36
rush hour 36x36
pushing 36x36 (sold)
let the river take it 36x36
keep the old 36x36
dreaming of apples 36x36 (sold)
staying home 30x40
she's quite the lady 24x24
there are only small barriers 24x24
the grass is green 24x24
mud season 24x24 (sold)
mercatale 24x24
heading home 24x24 (sold)
the grass is blue 24x24 (sold)
first snow 20x60 (sold)