06 March 2013

Artist Statement/Bio

I was born in an old rickety yellow house on a honey
bee and blueberry farm in Arkansas. I spent the sticky
hot summers of my childhood- pant legs rolled up-
wading through creeks chasing tad poles and
crawdads. While studying architecture & art abroad,
I had the same excitement and abandon wandering
the streets of Florence- finding flower filled courtyards
hidden behind enormous weathered wooden doors.

I once read that every time you remember something
you are not actually recalling the event but instead
you are remembering the memory. My recent works
are an exploration of the way memory changes with
each layer of recollection. Some things become
clearer while others soften and blur. I continue to
question and study the intimacy we attach to objects,
spaces, and scenes... a feeling of home, and what
that becomes as memory tints reality.

My subjects are reflections of daily life: the hue of
winter berries, the curiosity of a broken building,
a weathered bike with no rider. My work defines the
qualities of spaces, both interior and exterior, that are
often overlooked, but that form the intimacy we have
with our environments. These works explore colors and
spaces, both real and imagined, which influence
memory: memories of September in Canova,
forgotten bicycles in the yard, the sheen of a harvest
apple. They are at first personal and private, but are
only truly revealed in the individual histories brought
to them.

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