27 May 2010

"bicycle-- a one night show"

gathering flowers 40x30
almost over 40x30
time to take a break 36x36
spring fever 36x36
rush hour 36x36
pushing 36x36 (sold)
let the river take it 36x36
keep the old 36x36
dreaming of apples 36x36 (sold)
staying home 30x40
she's quite the lady 24x24
there are only small barriers 24x24
the grass is green 24x24
mud season 24x24 (sold)
mercatale 24x24
heading home 24x24 (sold)
the grass is blue 24x24 (sold)
first snow 20x60 (sold)

1 comment:

Teresa Getty said...

Tess, I am completely taken in by your work. I love your visual language in both your written pieces and your paintings. They provoke different sensory and emotional experiences, yet are equally thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you!